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BOST Story

BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. settled in Hong Kong in 2004. BOST English is the "best opening sound technology" in the acronym, meaning open to do the best audio technology; Chinese "BOST" Bo: profound, thinking: thinking of excellence, especially: maverick, meaning audio technology is profound, and only thinking of excellence, in order to achieve a maverick.
BOST brands and technologies from the United Kingdom. Mr. Ni Gang founder of the soundtrack is a mad chase love of people, from nature, from the man himself, and his fascination with every sound in the melody. He hoped that the quality of the sound reverberates in the world can have more people listening, perception wonderful temperament and philosophizing. If the first love is the fuel, then a fragment of his encounters in Taiwan is ignited passion matches. That summer, he saw such a scene in Taiwan: a person about to travel objectors friend attentively looked across to his singing, separated by one meter far, noisy, and he listened very laborious, just remember Under the other focus of expression. He was only one question, how to make songs without losing flavor, full of emotion conveyed to the ear cavity? George Bernard Shaw said: "There are two tragedies in life is one of despair; the other is smug.." Mr. Ni has just chosen to realize their dreams. He went to the States to learn audio production technology, pushing the dream a voice raw with technological innovation with their own power. His goal is to make that sound like a vast ocean, such as Chinese New Year abundant, such as wind and smooth, clear as water. This is the sound technology was originally developed BOST reason. 1997, Mr. Ni just adhering to this philosophy, Bo Site for public service is only one standard: high-quality transmission of voice, in order to benefit from low-cost Quartet.
        After years of development, BOST now is the design, development, production, sales and service as one integrated company, Guangzhou Hao Bo Site stereo sound audio Ltd. is in mainland China production base and marketing center, the company's products The main raw materials from Europe, high cost, products are mainly involved in three major areas: professional entertainment sound, professional performance audio, professional audio and cinema popular intelligent villas theater system; sound business mainly involves the development, production, sales and technical advice technical training, maintenance, system maintenance; especially in systems engineering, technology development, acoustics engineering and other fields have established a high-tech team.
        BOST sound always adhere to the "quality, technology and customer interdependent" product concept and application of this product concept to every aspect of production and raw materials application details. In Bo Site, each product must go through rigorous testing computer-aided software sound. At the same time all the speakers have to go through high temperature, low temperature testing to ensure product quality, the production process strictly, to achieve excellence in quality, not a trace of any customer being hurt on the interest.
        BOST in strict accordance with modern management mode sound regulate the operation of production and quality control system, it is consistently maintained at competitive advantages of product development, enterprise size and strength was growing, not only provide affordable products, more attention product development, manufacturing, technical support, technical consulting, maintenance, system upgrades, etc., to provide a very comprehensive one-stop service system for the new market growth sufficient energy savings, diversified business and product line extend an orderly manner, nationwide sales channels progressively integrate a brand new project is also being opened exciting big screen.
        BOST sound management team is confident with all my colleagues together with the new image, a new brand of operational experience and a full range of marketing support services, and throughout the country Bo Site audio brand agents and dealers work together to create a new chapter create a new global concept of mainstream audio and video products.

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