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Ear for voice recognition principle

Commonly known as the voices tell the position that people in the future to hear the sound, can identify the direction from which the sound is spread over, and the sound propagation in different environments is not the same, this is the human ear to soun


About 2015 New Year's Day holiday no...

About 2015 New Year's Day holiday notice - the company decided that the company in 2015 New Year's holiday time is 1 1st - January 2, a total of two days, January 3 normal work, to bring you the inconvenience during holidays Please understand!


Ten new campaign history - BOST Audi...

Decade campaign, on the occasion to flourish on the occasion, the British BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. was the move of December 20, 2014 the new office, to carry out the new year's work, to provide customers with better services.

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