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Regional Manager
1, a reasonable allocation of sales targets, guiding regional manager to do the task decomposition plan;
2, do the monthly budget, improve cost management, administration rationalization proposals;
3, held a sales meeting to review the work;
4, responsible for the development and visit key customers;
5, responsible for organizing and gather market information and learn about the market and competition, develop sales strategies and implementation;
6, responsible for organizing the preparation of the company's annual monthly plan;
7, responsible for organizing the preparation of the annual budget for the company monthly fee;
8, is responsible for department personnel responsibilities and work processes, work standards remuneration package;
9, is responsible for regular staff to participate House, improve job skills;
10 colleagues to establish a good working atmosphere and harmonious team, responsible for staff motivation.
1, familiar sales channels, more than three years experience in the audio industry sales priority;
2. Regional management experience, more than two years team management experience is preferred;
3, have good communication skills and marketing ability, quick thinking, strong language skills;
4, able to complete the sales plan large areas, a strong ability to withstand pressure.
Regional Manager
Job requirements:
1, according to sales policy, the implementation of sales campaigns, complete sales tasks;
2, understand the market and customer information collection, feedback of market and customer information, sales reports anomalies to ensure that companies are kept informed of market trends and customers;
3, perform routine maintenance of the customer relationship (including customer demand, customer files with Operations archiving, customer complaints), ensure and improve the company's customer relations;
4, the implementation receivables management, collaborative finance receivables tracking, to ensure the timely arrival of receivables;
5, the implementation of a sales job, potential customers while maintaining old customers.
1, more specialist, marketing management or related professional, more than 2 years of relevant work experience, preferably with a background in professional audio industry, and develop a deep understanding of the field;
2, has a strong business and vocational literacy pass, to help with team ability, professional ability and have a certain compound management capabilities;
3, good at leading marketing and sales management;
4, good professional reputation, cheerful and perseverance, can quickly adapt to the new environment;
5, with solid writing skills, good writing and reading certain communication skills;
6, outgoing, strong communication skills, able to travel;
Sales Assistant
1, women, more than one year work experience, careful attention to detail, with relevant sales and customer service experience preferred;
2, responsible for maintaining customer relationships within the region to maintain and sales services to ensure customer satisfaction;
3, collect customer information, open deep mining customer needs, to help complete the performance indicators sector;
4, earnestly fulfill the work of superiors;
1, have a good sense of customer service, have strong communication skills;
2, there is a certain sense of resilience and sales;
3, outgoing, cheerful and generous, easy to quickly integrate into the team, to create a good working atmosphere;
4, there is a good learning attitude and spirit of active learning;
5, excellent fresh graduate;
Electronic Engineers:
Responsibilities and Qualifications:
1. New models development of new technologies;
2, completion of the new models electronic parts produced all technical information, guidance prototype production, prototype debugging, BOM, etc;
3, the new model component selection, with procurement engineer proofing, follow confirmation;
4, for the needy sectors (for example: Technical Support, PIE) provide technical answers and guidance developed new products;
5, improved models of old;
6, complete the company or other work assigned by superiors.
7, more than three years of professional experience in R & D power amplifier, Class AB or H class proficient or TD class lines, any one can.
Acoustic engineers
Responsibilities and Qualifications:
1, college electro-acoustic professional, there are more than 5 years of professional acoustic speaker product development experience;
2, able to complete the development and design of the speaker unit and audio products.
3, with the ability to analyze and solve production problems, can skillfully operate CMS, DASS, CLIO software development.
4, to keep abreast of the development trend of electro-acoustic industry.
5, has a good team spirit.

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