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Ten new campaign history - BOST Audio housewarming


Decade campaign, on the occasion to flourish on the occasion, the British BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. was the move of December 20, 2014 the new office, to carry out the new year's work, to provide customers with better services.

British BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, since its inception has been adhering to the "sound reverberates China, with the technical development of the world," business philosophy, committed to the development of professional audio products, design, production, sales and related services. Currently, Bo Site sound is R & D, manufacturing, sales, engineering, design, and innovation as one of the standardized enterprise.

      The new plant is a British BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. show their good corporate image to customers fundamentally, also marks the British BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., the overall management and development will be raised to a new level . UK general manager BOST Audio Group (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Ni said: "We are confident that with more quality products and improve technical services, adhering to the" sound reverberates throughout China, with the technical development of the world, "business philosophy for the majority to support the company, focusing on user BOST sound development to provide more comprehensive services. Britain BOST audio Group (Hong Kong) investment Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Today's BOST will sound at the new plant, the new environment, to create a first-class quality, first-class service, first-class management, the tiny sound bigger, doing fine, and stronger, to make a big project with Sound all over China, with the technical development of the world. We have electro-acoustic, electronic, maintenance, and other professional and technical personnel, for a variety of large-scale performances and stadiums, cinemas, theaters, KTV, auditorium, bars, nightclubs and other places to provide all kinds of audio systems, engineering design, installation, maintenance maintenance and other services at all stages. We moved into the new plant Houbosite sound plan as innovation as the core of sound equipment systems service provider, will strengthen technology research and product development to continuously consolidate and improve the marketing network, delivery better quality products and services to the rest of the world and strive to create one wonderful music legend for mankind!

The accumulation of years of sedimentation, let BOST sound in the audio industry a firm foothold, the accumulation of power, after re-leap years. Since then, BOST Audio will open a new page, a new step, to create greater value for our customers with the technology and services for the company to create a more well-known brands, I believe that support for all the leaders and friends of all distributors in under BOST sound can have a better tomorrow!

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